Sometimes, all you need is a little town.


Located in Union Square and the Meadowlands, Little Town is a restaurant and bar that pays homage to the small towns and cities in New York and all things New Jersey. Each venue has a cozy, urban and rustic atmosphere, filled with New York and New Jersey decor. The Union Square menu is also full of New York dishes from all over; from Syracuse to Ithaca and all the way down to Long Island. They have dishes you won’t find in any typical restaurant! Now anyone can feel like they’re back in their hometown with foods like the “Garbage Plate,” fried oyster rolls, spiedies, grilled cheese with prosciutto, flavored popcorn and jerk spiced wings with mango pickles. The New Jersey menu also prides itself by offering Paterson inspired Brownstone Tenderloin, Bloomfield inspired Chicken Savoy, New Brunswick inspired Fat Cat Sandwich, and many more. Little Town also differs from other restaurants because of their dedication to serving local beer and wine only. Each location has 100 different types of great local beers all sourced from New York and New Jersey breweries.

Little Town NJ and NYC have private rooms that can hold up to 40 people for any special occasion. Whether it’s a birthday party, an engagement celebration or an anniversary, Little Town is the perfect place to host an event. Little Town NYC also hosts beer tastings each month. Whether you want to grab a bite to eat, try some local beer or host a private party, Little Town is a great place to go! Come down and visit us today!